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Ben Browder (nee Robert Benedict Browder) is an American actor, writer and director born in Memphis, Tennessee on December 11, 1962. Read more...

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Ben at Phoenix Fan Fest December 2014

Ben Browder will be appearing at the Phoenix Fan Fest Convention in Garland, AZ in December 2014.

The FanFest dates are December 12-14. Ben will be there on December 13-14 to meet and greet and sign autographs. These smaller conventions are a great way to actually have time to talk to the talent because there is not always a rush to get through the autograph lines.

Offical information for the convention can be found at the Phoenix ComicCon Convention site.


Ben on Season 15 Episode of CSI

According to Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com), Ben is scheduled to appear in CSI (the original series) on December 21, 2014, episode 12.

The character's name is Randy Pruitt. There are no further details that we can find about the episode, like the plot.

We will keep you updated as more details come out.

You might remember that Ben was on an episode of CSI:Miami right after the end of Farscape in 2003. You can see an excerpt of the episode on youTube. Thank you Ben Browder Network for supplying the video.

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