Is Ben Browder on a 'Role'?

Ben has been busy with a number of projects. What surprises might he have up his sleeve?


Ben recently (October 2016) wrapped a movie called Hoax. The movie is set in the Colorado mountains and is about finding Bigfoot - a Hoax or Real. No word on the movie's release.

[Update 11-05-2016] Ben was working on a project in Vancouver, BC earlier in 2016. He signed a non-disclosure agreement to be in the project as did everyone else involved. So far we have found no details or hints about the project. Speculation says that it might be for a blockbuster movie or it might be a red herring. Time will tell.

JT Mollner has included Ben in his upcoming movie Outlaws and Angels. Ben gets to go deep into a character, so much so that Ben lost some of his hair for the role.

Ben was a presenter for two awards at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank on June 25, 2015. He and actress Laura Vandervroot presented the awards for Best Actor (tie: Andrew Lincoln and Hugh Dancy) and Best Actress (Caitrion Balfe) in a TV Series. Visit our Facebook page for other images of Ben at the awards event.

[Update 06-26-2015] Ben is a character in the new Call of Duty Black Ops III video game. Check out some images on our Facebook page.

Ben is one of many sci-fi icons who participated in artist Martin Firrell's project entitled 'metascifi'. The project has interviews with the participants on 'Public conversations of social value'. You can download an iTunes Store app of the project for under three bucks.

The Adventures of RoboRex is now out on DVD in the US and UK.

Ben starred in the Syfy channel movie Dead Still by the film-making team The Booth Brothers who are known for their spooky, paranormal movies. Ben also got co-director and co-producer credits for this movie.

[Update] Ben returned to his role of prep school custodian Max Rainwater in the upcoming Where the Bad Kids Go movie due out in 2016. He was also behind the camera on this one as director. Filming started at the end of July 2014. The movie is currently in post-production.

Farscape creator Rockne O'Bannon announced that he and a team are working on the second script draft for a Farscape movie. Ben is expected to return as John Crichton, father of Deke (little D'Argo) Crichton.

On December 21, 2014, Ben guest starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, episode 15. It's titled Dead Woods. He makes a short but critical appearance.

So what else is Ben gunning for in the future? Series? Movies? Variety show? Theater? Since Ben plays his career cards close to the vest, we probably won't know until we know or, as Ben always puts it, 'until the deal's in escrow'.

But Ben's career is seeing new opportunities and his current popularity, shown by the number of articles about him being on Doctor Who, may be a clue that the future holds many good things for him and his dedicated fans from Farscape and Stargate SG-1 and beyond.


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Bad Kids of Crestview Academy Coming to a Theater, Maybe Even Near You!

Ben's directorial debut movie, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, is a sequel to the movie Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012).

Ben also returns to the series as the mysterious janitor Max Rainwater. Max might just be a bit more than a janitor but you will have to see the movie to discover the secrets.

You can watch the movie trailer at this Youtube link.

You will find the 'select' theaters where it will be shown on January, Friday the 13th at Moviefone.com

The flick is also available for download on iTunes after the premiere.


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