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Ben has an extra job in the upcoming Bad Kids Go 2 Hell movie.

Behind the Scenes on the Set of Dead Still

ben dead still12See the Behind the scenes videos on youtube for Ben's movie Dead Still by The Booth Brothers.

Here is Part 1: DSBTS

Here is Part 2: DSBTS

Here is Part 3: DSBTS

Ben's Characters

Dead Still With Ben

dead still promo with Ben BrowderDead Still by The Booth Brothers is slated for broadcast on Syfy this fall.

Check out the first trailer for the movie here: Dead Still Trailer

The cable channel movie is airing October 6. There's no information about when or whether the movie will be released on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or other streaming sites but they would be likely places for it to show up after its broadcast on Syfy. Since other Syfy movies have been released to DVD, Dead Still will probably show up on DVD too.

We have a new detailed synopsis of the movie:

Ben Browder plays Brandon Davis who, upon the death of his great grandfather, inherits an antique camera famous for taking victorian death photography. After photographing his subjects they start to die from horrible, bizarre deaths, then reappearing as eerie death portraits. One by one Brandon begins to lose people very close to him as he struggles to uncover the haunting mystery behind the cursed camera. When his eleven year old son goes missing, Brandon discovers the camera has supernatural powers and has trapped his son inside of it. He must now risk all and journey beyond the realm of all imagination, to fight the hideous entities within, save his son and reverse the deadly curse that plagues them before they all become… Dead still.

Basic Ben

ben cutout final-resizeBen Browder (nee Robert Benedict Browder) is an American actor, writer and director born in Memphis, Tennessee on December 11, 1962.

After a successful college football career, college theatrics and a degree in Psychology at Furman University in South Carolina, Ben moved to London to study classical acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

Ben's acting career started in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was raised. In the late 60's he made a TV commercial for Jello pudding with actor and comedian Bill Cosby. In the late 70's he appeared  in the children's movie Duncan's World playing Gates, one of Duncan's best friends.

He worked as a guest on various TV series, TV pilots and movies before he got his first noted TV series role as Sam Brody in Party of Five's 3rd season beginning with episode 9, titled Gimme Shelter.

In 1999, Ben got a major break as the star of the science fiction TV series Farscape in which he played astronaut and scientist John Robert Crichton. The series ran for four seasons on what was then known as the SciFi cable channel until 2002 when it was cancelled. After finding financing, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was created to finish the Farscape series which had ended with a cliffhanger at the end of the 4th season.

Ben also starred as Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell in the 9th and 10th seasons of the science fiction TV show Stargate SG-1 after series star and producer Richard Dean Anderson left the show. 

Since May 2010, Ben has been involved in a series project titled Naught for Hire, a noir/detective/sci-fi series, as the star and executive producer. Naught is currently in development  and is produced by Jeffrey Berman, RDRR Productions and co-written with science fiction writer and Nick Naught creator John E. Stith.

In 2011, Ben was cast as a pivotal character, Max Rainwater, in the horror-comedy movie Bad Kids Go to Hell.

Fall 2012 saw Ben on the very popular BBC series Doctor Who. Season (Series) 7, Episode 3 is entitled A Town Called Mercy. In January 2013, Ben made a guest appearance on the CW TV series Arrow.

Ben has been nominated for the genre industry's Saturn award five times. He took home the award in 2002 for Best Actor in a Television Series (Farscape) and again in 2005 for Best Actor on Television (Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars).

Ben makes a few convention appearances each year. In 2012, that included the US and Australia. In 2013, he was in the US - Chicago Stargate Convention, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

Ben is set to direct the upcoming Bad Kids Go 2 Hell movie, the sequel to Bad Kids Go to Hell. He will also return as the character Max Rainwater, the custodian at Crestview Prep. Because of his heightened involvement with the film, we expect Ben to start making convention appearances again. We'll keep you updated on his next convention appearances.

Ben is married to actress Francesa Buller. They met in acting school in London. Ben and Francesca have two children.